A Different Kind of Accounting Firm

Are you a small business owner? Bitcoin or altcoin investor or trader? or maybe a blockchain developer? No matter what your interest, if it's cryptocurrency related most likely we can help. Do you understand crypto tax laws? Do you have questions about cryptocurrency exchanges or wallets? Do you want your business to accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? We have a team of professionals ready to assist you! We listen and recommend solutions that fit your specific needs. We don’t just focus on what we want; we listen to what you need.

Sunshawl Services Mission

Our mission is to Protect, Illuminate, and Serve our clients.

PROTECT our client's assets. We get to know you and learn what's important in your life. We strive to create an environment of trust and respect while communicating directly about the good and the bad. We value communication.

ILLUMINATE means to shed light on situations that need attention. Once we know what's important to you and we've developed a relationship, we might offer education or make recommendations. We value knowledge.

SERVE the financial needs of our clients. Our intention is to make it easy for you to have the freedom to accomplish your goals and dreams by making good financial decisions. We value serving others.