Welcome to Sunshawl Services Inc

Sunshawl Services Inc provides personalized Accounting Solutions to individuals and small businesses who may get overlooked by other accounting firms. When a client comes to us for help, we take the time to listen, and then design solutions tailored for them. We don’t just focus on what we want; we listen to what the client tells us they need.


The Sunshawl Mission

Sunshawl Services vision, as the name Sunshawl embodies, is to Protect, Illuminate, and Serve. These may sound like unusual words coming from an accounting firm, so let me explain their meaning and value.

TO PROTECT our clients, and their assets we must first get to know them. What is their business, their industry and their goals? Getting those answers is easiest in an environment of trust and respect. So we value personal relationships and open communication.

TO ILLUMINATE means to shed light on topics for which our clients may have little knowledge. For example, GAAP accounting, Tax law, and QuickBooks issues. So once we know our clients, and have a relationship with them, we can then make recommendations and bring items to their attention that will benefit and protect their business. So we value knowledge and education.

TO SERVE our clients, is simple and can be summed up in this mission statement. At Sunshawl Services our mission is to make it easy for our clients to have the freedom to accomplish their goals. So we value being dependable and reliable.