Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Training

Do you own Bitcoin?

Need to determine how much tax you might owe on your trades? Nervous about filing all the right forms? Want to speak with a trusted advisor about future crypto decisions?  
I can help you with:

  • Cryptocurrency reconciliation
  • Preparing IRS form 8949
  • Determine if FBAR or FATCA forms need filing
  • Free 1-hour consultation

Are you a Tax Professional?

Learn how to confidently prepare tax returns with cryptocurrency transactions! Join Life with Crypto and gain access to:

  • Professional Courses on Bitcoin and Crypto Tax Preoaration
  • Courses on how to complete the New 2020 W-4 forms 
  • Interview featuring TokenTax co-founder 
  • Regular Featured Articles on our seven Topics  
  • Weekly filtered news posts to keep you informed quickly
  • Local and national events
  • FREE Membership
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